How to become a licensed private hire driver in Surrey Heath, Rushmoor or Hart


  • Want flexible work that works around family life?
  • Enjoy driving and have a clean licence?
  • Like meeting and helping people?

Private hire driving is the ideal job for if you are looking to make extra money, create a second income, or want to work where you want, and when you want. You don’t need any specific qualifications, and you can choose your hours to work around family and lifestyle too.

Just to say, all the information in this article relates to working as a private hire driver and getting a PHV licence OUTSIDE London, as TfL (Transport for London) have different rules.

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What skills do I need to be a private hire driver?

There are no specific skills required to apply (apart from a standard driving licence) but at YLC, we look for drivers who have:

  • Great communication skills – able to talk to people from all walks of life, all ages and make them feel comfortable and safe.
  • An eye for detail – you’ll need to know the best routes to take even when the traffic is heavy, and the ‘back roads’ to destinations to avoid hold-ups.
  • A commitment to serving the customer – you want every passenger to enjoy their journey and in turn to recommend you to their family and friends
  • A calm approach – driving in heavy traffic can be stressful, so it’s important you remain calm and unflustered, so your passenger remains so too.

What’s the difference between a taxi driver and a private hire driver?

A taxi (Hackney Carriage) is licensed to pick up fares (customers) in the street without prior booking. For private hire drivers, all passengers must book in advance either by phone or via an app.


Who can become a private hire driver?

To become a private hire driver you must:

  • be able to work in the UK
  • have held a full GB, Northern Ireland or EU driving licence for at least 12 months

You can work on your own, for a private hire company such as Your Local Car, and sometimes for several companies. Most private hire companies will require you to be aged 18 or over (if not 21 and over) and/or have a minimum of 2 years driving experience, whether professional or not.


How do I get a private hire vehicle (PHV) licence?

Your PHV licence will be issued by a local authority which enables you to drive within their geographical area.

Depending on the local authority you apply to (such as Surrey Heath, Rushmoor or Hart), you might need to:

  • take a special driving test
  • take a test on your knowledge of local roads and destinations
  • have a medical examination or letter from your GP to confirm you meet DVLA Group 2 standards
  • reach a minimum standard in the English language
  • provide evidence of current and previous addresses for the last five years


Local council private hire licence applications

Click to check the private hire licence requirements for:

Your local authority will also check that you are a ‘fit and proper person’. This means they will conduct background checks which may include an enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).


From 4 April 2022 you’ll need to complete a tax check telling HMRC how you pay tax on your earnings related to your taxi or private hire licence.”

How long does getting a PHV licence take?

Timescales for getting a PHV licence do vary between councils. You also need time to learn your local route knowledge, and get your paperwork together. It can take up to six months but if you are focused, this can be turned around in 4/6 weeks.

At YLC, we can also help reduce the time required to secure your PHV. Our experienced team offer licence application support and training to all would-be private hire drivers. For more details, call us on 01252 674646.


How much will a private hire licence cost?

Costs for a PHV licence do vary between local councils. It also depends if you want to drive your own vehicle, or use one from a private hire company pool.

For example, at the time of writing, Rushmoor Council charge:

  • £70 per year for a private hire licence
  • £40 + £9.60 admin fee for a DBS check
  • £5 DVLA data enquiry fee
  • £35 for knowledge/literacy and numeracy test appointment

You may also incur fees for your driving assessment, and your GP may charge for the medical assessment. If you wish to register as a private hire operator, this is an additional £215 per year.


Own vehicle and/or pool vehicles

If you want to drive your own vehicle, you need to add:

  • £170 for a private hire vehicle licence
  • £31 new plate fee

plus the cost of maintaining your vehicle, fuel, tax and cleaning costs.

One of the great benefits of driving for Your Local Car is that all our PHV drivers have access to YLC’s own fleet of cars. We have invested over £500k in this fleet, including quality marque cars, people movers and brand new electric SUVs. So you don’t have to licence and use your own car if you don’t want to.


Other costs

If you want to work entirely alone, you will need to factor in the costs of:

  • promoting and marketing your services, from adverts to business cards
  • the capability to take bookings via phone, online or via an app
  • a secure, mobile payment system that accepts credit and debit cards


9 great reasons to drive for with Your Local Car

At YLC, we offer our drivers a terrific package including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • High value journeys with minimal dead mileage
  • Driver rewards
  • Driver training
  • PHV licence application support
  • Fully licensed vehicle pool
  • No upfront finance costs
  • Easy to use customer mobile booking app
  • State of the art job tracking and monitoring system


Don’t just work for us!

At YLC, our driver system allows you to sign in when you want work, and sign off when you don’t. This is a really great way to reduce “dead mileage”, and secure more fares.

As soon as you sign in, our system locates you and allocates the nearest fare. If you’re driving someone to their destination outside of town, your next fare will be as close to where you drop them off as possible.

This is particularly useful for longer journeys, such as airport runs, where you don’t want to drive back with no passengers. Less dead miles equals more earnings for you, and it’s better for the planet too.


Be ‘appy

Websites, apps and booking systems can be expensive. At YLC we have invested large amounts in our systems – so you don’t have to! When customers book via our customer app, our phone-based driver system informs you who to pick up, where and when.

Passengers can even pay in advance, so your fare is secure. We provide mobile payment pads too, so you don’t need your own.



Call us on 01252 674646 to discuss how to become a private hire driver with YLC, or how to join our team of local, friendly drivers.


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