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Local pubs with gardens: we’ll do the driving!

The sun is shining, and at last our local pubs can open with their gardens and welcome us back! We’ve listed some of our customers’ favourites, plus some of our own, which are now open and (mostly) serving food.

If you’re planning a visit, do ring and check with the pub first. You’ll usually need to book a table in advance. Also ask what days they are open too – some are not open 7 days a week yet.

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Going to an Easter garden meet-up? Hop in a taxi!

It’s back for Easter – the rule of six! We probably never thought we’d be so glad to see that rule again. As of Monday 29th March, we can now meet with up to five other people from different households in our own gardens, just in time for the Easter holidays. What’s more, two households can meet up, which is great for larger families. (Just remember, social distancing still applies, and the rules apply for outside garden meet-ups only – strictly no mixing indoors.) So, book your private hire taxi now, and hop over to see your family in style!

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Local vaccination centres in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey [Updated 22 Feb 2021]


At Your Local Car, we’ve been helping local people access their COVID vaccinations at local and regional centres since December 2020. Here is our list of the vaccination centres in our three counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire that we know about (as of 22 February 2021).

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The 5 Days of Christmas: why you should pre-book a private taxi this year


It’s official. The current Tier 2 restrictions in our area will be relaxed for five days over the Christmas period to allow us to meet in a “Christmas bubble” with two other households.

From 23 December to 27 December, you can travel to meet the households too, in their homes. You can also go out to enjoy a “substantial” meal at a local pub or restaurant with your family.

So if you want to have a glass or two to celebrate the season, the big question is, who is going to drive?

Good news – Your Local Car’s friendly, local drivers are ready and waiting! They drive, you relax and enjoy yourself. How nice does that sound…

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Keep on travelling with Your Local Car

At Your Local Car, we’re keen to help our community during the current corona virus outbreak as much as we can.

Those of our community who are most at risk from COVID-19, such as seniors and those with underlying respiratory conditions, may not wish to use public transport due to the close proximity of other people for a sustained period of time.

Hiring one of our private cars minimises that close-level contact with other people, and reduces the time spent travelling too. Our reliable local taxi service can collect you from your home and drive you direct to an appointment, supermarket or family event in comfort. (Book via the free app, on the phone or online.)

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