Better ways to book your local taxi with Your Local Car

contactless payment for taxis

We’re always looking for ways to improve our private hire and taxi services for our local customers. And that includes simple ways to book and pay for your taxi journey.

NEW – 5% off every journey you book online

Whether you book via our website or using our mobile app, you’ll save 5% on every journey compared to the cost of booking your taxi via telephone. Download our app right now and start saving:


NEW – Contactless payment across our entire fleet

All our drivers now have smart little SumUp pads, so you can just tap your contactless enabled debit or credit card and pay for any journey costing under £45. It’s quick, easy and you don’t even have to touch the unit. No more searching for cash or worrying about having the right change. Just tap and go.


NEW – Credit card payments through our mobile app

We’ve improved the look and feel of our mobile app, and added a great new credit card payment feature. Simply enter your credit card details once in the “Payment” section on the app. Every time you book a car via the app, you’ll be asked to pre-authorise payment within a price range of about £1-£2 of the quoted price. So, when you get to your destination, you can simply hop out with no need to mess around with payment at the kerbside. All your rides and payments are recorded in the Rides history section, and we’ll email you a receipt too, confirming the amount you paid.


NEW – More app options

Yes, our app is even smarter than before! We’ve added extra features including:

  • Choose your payment option at time of booking
  • View all your taxi ride history with YLC
  • Customise your settings including your favourite addresses and vehicle type
  • Opt-in to receive ride notifications and text backs from your driver
  • Sign up for discounts and special offers via the app


NEW – Easier online booking

We’ve also revamped our online taxi booking system with a clean, fresh look that’s easier to read and simple to use for our customers who don’t want to use the app. Just fill in the details, and press the big blue “Book Now” button, It really is as easy as that. What’s more, you’ll save 5% on every journey you book online.


Yes, you can still phone us!

We know that technology doesn’t suit some of our more senior customers, who prefer to call us on the phone than book online. Rest assured we’ll always have a real person based right here in Camberley, ready to answer your call and help you book your taxi or private hire service. After all, we are a family-run local company for local people! Call us on 01252 674646.


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