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Now that the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine is being rolled out, many more of us will be getting that long-awaited COVID vaccination appointment. However, that doesn’t mean that all vaccinations will now happen at your local GP practice, or even your local hospital.

Vaccination centres in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

All types of venues are being used as vaccination centres, including hotels, churches, village halls, leisure centres, conference centres, and a major centre at Epsom Downs Racecourse!

Not all of these centres will be easy to reach by public transport, or have convenient parking near the entrance for those with limited mobility. Members of our own team have found this out when taking their own parents for vaccinations at non-medical venues. These included an out-of-town hotel in Hampshire with a steep slope from the main car park to entrance, and the exit out to another area of car park altogether!

With those aged 80 or over prioritised for vaccinations, your senior parents or relatives may have real concerns as to how to get to their vaccination appointment. Some may also prefer not to drive to unfamiliar locations, or as dusk falls. We’ve also heard anecdotal reports of vaccination staff not wanting seniors to drive at all after their jab. If you’re unable to take them yourselves due to the current lockdown restrictions, or if you need to self-isolate, Your Local Car can help.

From home to vaccination – and back again

As a taxi / private hire company, we are allowed to continue providing our services during lockdown, as we have done since March. Our friendly, experienced drivers will collect you or your loved ones from their door, and transport them in comfort to their designated vaccination centre. They’ll park right by the entrance, minimising walking distances, and be there to whisk you home again after your required 15 minute post-vaccination waiting time.

Our drivers are local people who know how vital it is to your health and our community to get vaccinated, and to reduce the infections rates. So, they will wear masks at all times, sanitise all surfaces in their cars, and offer no-contact payment solutions via the app or contactless card payment terminals.

How to book your private taxi

First, download our free app. You can book for yourself or a relative, and track the arrival of your private car in real time too.

As soon as you get your vaccination appointment time, book your private car straight away. You can:

If you have a follow-up “booster jab” (2nd vaccination) appointment time and date given to you, you can book your private taxi for that too, saving you time.

Click here for our list of vaccination centres in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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