Keep on travelling with Your Local Car

At Your Local Car, we’re keen to help our community during the current corona virus outbreak as much as we can.

Those of our community who are most at risk from COVID-19, such as seniors and those with underlying respiratory conditions, may not wish to use public transport due to the close proximity of other people for a sustained period of time.

Hiring one of our private cars minimises that close-level contact with other people, and reduces the time spent travelling too. Our reliable local taxi service can collect you from your home and drive you direct to an appointment, supermarket or family event in comfort. (Book via the free app, on the phone or online.)

Seven reasons to book Your Local Car

Booking a journey with Your Local Car can help protect you and your loved ones from unnecessary exposure to other people and situations where the virus could be more easily transmitted.

1. Clean, private car

At Your Local Car we’ve always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our cars. Now we’re taking extra care to ensure they are as clean inside as outside. Our drivers have hand sanitiser in each car and disinfecting cleaning wipes for surfaces such as seats and seat belts, as well as door handles. Once seated, there’s just you and our friendly, local driver, so you won’t be sitting next to anyone you don’t know.

2. Reduced journey times

We specialise in local journeys, which take considerably less time in a car than they do on public transport. So chances are you’ll not be in one of our cars for nearly as long as you would be on public transport.

3. No sustained face to face contact

The current government research suggests that you are most at risk when you are face to face with someone at close range for more than 15 minutes. Our drivers are (of course) concentrating on the road and therefore facing away from you. Compare that to sitting on a train in facing seats, or on a busy bus with people standing as well as sitting.

4. Our own fleet of cars

Your Local Car has its own fleet of cars that our drivers can use, so they don’t have to drive their own vehicle. This helps keep our drivers and their families healthier too!

5. A great return journey service for seniors

Our door to door service is particularly suitable for seniors who may be worried about travelling to important medical appointments or social events. With Your Local Car, they can book a return journey, so the driver who takes them can (usually) bring them back again too. This again reduces the exposure to unknown people and different vehicles.

6. Seniors accounts for families

If like some of our team, you have elderly parents who rely on you to drive them around, you may be concerned as to what might happen if you have to self-isolate. Equally, you may live outside the local area, and want to help your parents avoid using public transport. However, you know your parents are often reluctant to use taxis as the bus “is free”, etc!

Don’t worry – we can help. We offer seniors accounts for families to provide transport in case you need to self-isolate, and can’t drive your parents about as usual. All they need to do is call us and book, and the fare is put against your account. This has another hidden advantage in that there’s no physical cash involved, again reducing seniors’ contact with notes and coins that have literally passed through many hands.

7. Supporting the local economy

Every time you book one of our private cars, whether online, on the phone or through the app, you are supporting a local driver. They live in our community, so they’ll spend their money here too, helping support other local businesses. Those businesses in turn will use other local companies such as ourselves, and that “pound goes around”.

Want to book a car?

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