UK roadmap to recovery: taxis, travel and haircuts

Government roadmap and private taxi services

The Government has announced its plans for moving out of lockdown and towards what many are calling the “new normal”. Now we know when we can meet more than one person outside, when we can go back to the gym, and (hopefully) when we can go on holiday abroad again!

Roadmap to Recovery Dates

Here are the dates as they stand at present:

  • Step 1 part 1 – Monday 8 March
  • Step 1 part 2 – no earlier than Monday 29 March
  • Step 2 – no earlier than Monday 12 April
  • Step 3 – no earlier than Monday 17 May
  • Step 4 – no earlier than Monday 21 June

Your Local Car can help you get out and about in style and comfort at every Step on the Government roadmap, without the need to catch a bus, train or drive yourself.

One big caveat, of course. The Government roadmap says:

“Before taking each step, the Government will review the latest data on the impact of the previous step against four tests.”

In other words, if the four tests criteria are not met, the next Step will be delayed. So no Step to Step changeover date is 100% fixed, and may be subject to delay.

Airport transfers for holidays abroad

Reviewed: Monday 12 April onwards
Possible: Monday 17 May
Let’s start with the big one: foreign travel. The published roadmap says:

“The Global Travel Taskforce will report on 12 April, with recommendations aimed at facilitating a return to international travel as soon as is possible…. Following that, the Government will determine when international travel should resume, which will be no earlier than Step 3.”

That hasn’t stopped a “stampede” to book holidays, as the Daily Express reported.

“The UK’s biggest holiday firm, Tui, said bookings for foreign trips jumped six-fold overnight with Greece, Spain and Turkey all in hot demand, and EasyJet said demand was up 630 percent.”

So, if you’re thinking it’s time to book your summer holiday, it’s also time to book your airport taxi transfers! We think that on reaching every new Step, there will be another surge in foreign holiday bookings. So, we predict our private taxi transfers to Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and Stansted will book up fast.

The good news is that with Your Local Car you can book your taxi transfer NOW for your 2021 holiday, and travel in comfort to the airport.

  • Book your transfer as far in advance as you like – even 2022!
  • You can cancel your booking at any time
  • Book through our app and save 5% on your journey

It’s really is no risk to book your taxi to the airport now, with no deposit required.

Children back to school

Step 1 part 1: Monday 8 March
At the time of writing, all schools and colleges will reopen from Monday 8 March 2021. That involves 8.89 million pupils in England heading out to 24,360 schools after weeks of lockdown. Bearing in mind social distancing is still required, it’s clear that buses and trains to school will be far more busy and more crowded that we have been used to in lockdown.

If you’re concerned about your kids going to school on public transport or school buses, our friendly taxi drivers can take them instead. We’ll drop them at the right entry time for their year groups (assuming they will be staggered), and be there to collect them too if you wish.

Call us to discuss your school run requirements – 01252 674646.

Haircuts, shopping and eating out (outside)

Step 2: no earlier than Monday 12 April
This is going to be the big day for many, when we can (hopefully) go shopping, have a haircut, go back to the gym and dance classes, and joy of joy, have a meal outside. We know that for many of our customers, this will be your first major “out” for months, and you may be concerned about crowds. Our local taxis can take you to enjoy this new-found freedom, without the worry of being on a busy bus, crowded train, or even walking through a shopping mall car park packed with people.

And yes, you can book your shopping day out right now online or via our taxi booking app, with no cancellation fees if the Government delays this Step.

Summer weddings 2021

Step 4: no earlier than Monday 21 June
Whilst weddings become available again on 8 March, many brides to be are waiting until all restrictions are potentially lifted in June for their big day. According to the Daily Mail:

“Wedding suppliers report a 720% increase in sales as bride-to-be’s rush to book their weddings… (with) September to November dates proving very popular.”

And it’s not just for 2021; Hamish Shephard, founder of wedding app Bridebook, says that:

“Next year (is) set to see 1,000,000 people get married and 500,000+ weddings.”

So, if you’re planning your big day and you want private cars for your bridal party and/or reception guests, the time to book is NOW!

  • Book your wedding taxis as far in advance as you like – even 2022!
  • You can cancel your private hire booking at any time
  • Book through our app and save 5% on every journey
  • Or call us with your specific requirements

Booking your wedding taxi with Your Local Car is risk-free, with no deposit required.

Out to the pub or a gig

Step 3: no earlier than Monday 17 May

Remember going out for the night? It should all become possible again from Monday 17 May, when we can go to the pub and have a drink inside (so long as we are seated at tables), have a meal, or go to a gig – albeit with limited numbers. With no curfew in place, lots of people will inevitably want to stay out for as long as possible – and that always means heavy demand for late-night taxis. With Your Local Car, you can prebook your ride home, and even track your car on our app as it comes to pick you up. So, no worries about parking, or enjoying that extra pint.

If you’re going clubbing in Camberley, Aldershot or other local venues, you’ll need to wait a little longer, as nightclubs are not due to reopen until Step 4 (provisionally Monday 21 June).

Gently does it

The two key elements to unlocking the country again are also determined by:
1) people sticking to the rules
2) the progress of the vaccination process

At Your Local Car, we’re more than happy to drive you to your first or second vaccination, and help with essential journeys such as medical appointments and visiting your social bubble. Call us with your requirements: 01252 674646