COVID jabs for the over 65s: why take a taxi to your vacci!

If you’re aged 65 and over and haven’t had your vaccination for COVID-19 yet, you’ll be invited very shortly! The government aims to invite everyone aged over 50 to receive a vaccination by mid April, depending on vaccine availability.

Why take a cab to your jab (or a taxi to your vacci!)

Taking a taxi to your your vaccination appointment is quicker, easier and certainly in the last three weeks, much warmer and drier than public transport!

We’ve taken hundreds of local people like you to their vaccinations in our private hire taxis, saving you the worry of driving, finding the centre, parking, waiting outside, or having to take public transport instead. Our friendly and helpful drivers will take you there in comfort, drop you at the door at the allotted time (you shouldn’t arrive too early), and wait to take you home again straight afterwards.

Where will I get my vaccination?

Where you need to go to receive your vaccination depends on how you are contacted.

• You might receive a letter, text or phone call from your GP surgery, inviting you to have your vaccination at a local doctor’s surgery. To make the most of when supplies of vaccines come in, you may only get a day or two’s notice.

• If you receive a letter inviting you, you can book your appointment time online using the NHS central booking hub, it’s likely your vaccine will be at one of the larger vaccination hubs set up around the area. This could be up to 20 minutes’ drive from your home, and would take longer if you only use public transport.

Where is my nearest vaccination centre?

Many local people have found that when they log on to make their appointment online, they are not offered the closest vaccination centre to their home. You may not even know where the centre they offer actually is but don’t worry – our drivers will!

So, rather than try to keep logging on in the hope of new appointments coming up locally, or delaying your vaccination in case your local GP surgery calls, book an appointment and then book Your Local Car to take you there. After all, the sooner you are vaccinated, the sooner your immune system will start to build your resistance to the virus.

If you’re offered a vaccination at a local doctor’s surgery or a pharmacy at short notice, we can help! We always have drivers available, and if you download our app, you can even see where our cars are in your area in real time. All our drivers offer contactless payment, and you can also pay via the app in advance if you prefer. Then, after your vaccination, you can simply hop out of the taxi when you get home without needing to even tap your card!

I have an appointment for a second vaccination – can I book you now?

Yes of course! As soon as your second vaccination appointment is confirmed, call us to book your taxi ride. Download the app or book online and you can save 5% on your fare, and also track the arrival of your taxi in real time on your phone or tablet.

Wherever and whenever you need to go for your COVID vaccination, first or second time, our private taxis can take you there in comfort and safety.

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